Fast ultra-mobile 22 kW charger
- always available to help you!

5pin gives you the freedom and safety whenever you are. Five-pin 400V socket you can find throughout Europe. Therefore, it is essential to equip your EV car with our solution.


5pin ultra-mobile charger is based on five-pin 400V standard availabel EU-wide. 

Choose the freedom of travel!

Speed up charging

Thanks to 5pin you'll charge your EV up to 90% faster! See the examples below.

Time is money!

Charge your EV without any limitations!

At home

Do you have a 400V socket at your home, garrage or workshop?

If so, you can start charging your electric car immediately!

At work

Ask your employee or estate manager for access to 400V socket.

At no cost of installation modifications. Indeed, most parking lots already have access to 400 Volt instalaltion.

In travel

5pin is a reliable partner of your every travel, including the international one!

Take it with you to freely decide on the most optimal route.

Whenever you are in need

Do not let yourself be surprised by the low battery level of your car!

5pin is an irreplaceable element of your car's obligatory equipment.

Overview of 5pin functionalities

Up to 22kW Plug & Play

Connect 5pin to 400V socket to charge your car fastly and safely. This is so simple!

Adjust all 5pin parameters
to your needs

Press the button few times to set:
delay after thich the charging starts
and the current of charging

Charge your EV freely

Popularity of five-pin 400V socket gives you pure freedom on every route.
Whenever you are!

Fully control of the charging process

Our multi-function display provides you excellent access to following parameters:
desired charging current, delayed start, current voltage and current as available, overall charging time, sum of KW & KWh.

EV charger always ready for action

No costs of upgrading electrical installation at your home, garage, workshop or workplace.

Your safety in every journey

5pin mobile charger, besides spare tire, should be equipped in every EV

Unique style

No other mobile charger looks so glamorous while being connected to your electric car. It is indeed a perfectly matched connection!

24-month warranty

We are so sure of our products' quality, as we test it under the most demanding circumstances. Furthermore, we are in a position to provide you with the best available service and advisory.

Examplary charging times for popular EVs

5pin ultra-mobile charger can successfully replace stationary solutions characterized by 22kW maximum power. These are the best performing parameters available. The only limitation are electric connection's parameters at 400V level.

Check and compare 5pin to the most popular 7-22 kW stationary chargers. Choose smart and reliable 5pin alternative!

slow charging

from 230V socket

Audi e-tron 55
Range 400 km

up to 90% faster

thanks to 5pin

Audi e-tron 55
Range 400 km

slow charing

from 230V socket

Renault ZOE
Range 240 km

up to 87% faster

thanks to 5pin

Renault ZOE
Range 240 km

Get to know each other!

Wondering if 5pin is going to fulfill your expectations? Have any questions or suggestions? - feel free to approach us!